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Throughout Florida, new programs are now available to assist OEF/OIF military personnel, veterans and their families, funded through three of Florida's largest community foundations. For listings of these programs, the services they provide and contact information, please click here to Get Connected to Services.

You can get answers to questions your family has, and learn about the resources available to OEF/OIF service members, veterans and their families in two ways:

By phone: Trained specialists are a telephone just a call away 24 x7, every day of the year.  Service members, veterans or family members are encouraged to call 1-877-BRAIVE-8.

Online: The online database catalogs the resources in in a searchable format, and the results can be filtered by zip code, etc.  Please click here to access the searchable database.

The Florida BrAIve Fund supports the efforts of nonprofit organizations that provide needed services and support in our state to active and former military personnel who are serving or have served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan and their families.

In 2008, Dade Community Foundation, The Community Foundation in Jacksonville and Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice in Southwest Florida were each awarded $5 million grants to establish a Florida initiative addressing the urgent needs of military personnel and their families impacted by deployment to Afghanistan and/or Iraq. The foundations jointly established The Florida BrAIve Fund, with each foundation managing grants in their region of Florida, as shown on the regional map.

Please click on the corresponding region of the map for more information on the area in which you have interest; this will take you to the individual foundation's pages.The "FAQ" page can provide you information about many frequently asked questions about The Florida BrAIe Fund, and you can reach any of the foundations with the numbers listed on the "Contact Us" page.

Though each community foundation administers its own funds, establishes its own funding priorities and makes its own grant decisions, the three foundations are coordinating their efforts statewide to create a statewide Florida BrAIve Helpline, maintain this common website, share information, leverage resources and strengthen the network of military-serving organizations across the state. Gulf Coast Community Foundation is the largest community foundation in the state, with assets of $260.4 million. The Community Foundation in Jacksonville is the oldest community foundation in the state, with assets of $161.1 million. And the Dade Community Foundation, with assets of $167.5 million, serves the most populous area of the

Florida is home to 1.8 million military veterans, more than any other state, save California, 11 active military bases and a host of other military installations. Florida is also home to vast and dynamic variations in geography, ethnicity, industry, politics and philanthropy. For purposes of grantmaking, each community foundation has developed its funding strategy to focus on its defined geographic area.

The funding to create The Florida BrAIve Fund was awarded by The Iraq Afghanistan Deployment Impact Fund (IADIF) of the California Community Foundation. IADIF was created in response to a multitude of unmet needs arising among these military service men and women and their families as a direct result of their deployment. As the U.S. commitment to Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom continues, the toll on military personnel and their families continues to grow. Nationwide, the California Community Foundation reports that more than 1.6 million American troops have served in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and thousands have been deployed multiple times. For more information on the IADIF , please visit http://www.calfund.org/receive/iadif.php.

Since June of 2006, IADIF has distributed approximately $250 million to over 50 nonprofit organizations across the country to provide such services as counseling, child care, transportation, emergency financial assistance, support and recovery programs for troops, veterans and families impacted by deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the California Community Foundation. Additionally, IADIF has funded a small but select group of nonprofit organizations engaged in research, advocacy and public awareness projects to benefit our nation's troops and veterans.

A similar effort is under way in Texas, where the Permian Basin Area Foundation, The Dallas Foundation and the San Antonio Area Foundation received funding from the Iraq-Afghanistan Deployment Impact Fund in 2007. The three created the TRIAD Fund - "Texas Resources for Iraq and Afghanistan Deployed" - to support nonprofits serving military personnel in Texas.

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